About This Blog


If the Carp Diem thing doesn’t strike you as at least mildly funny, this may not be the place for you.  If it does, what you’ll find here are three main topics of conversation (plus anything else that captures my attention):

  • Leadership, business strategy and the drive for excellence
  • The political and current affairs environment in which we live
  • Some of the humorous, ironic and silly things I encounter in the course of daily life

For nearly 25 years, I have been a high-impact business problem solver, a thought catalyst who brings new ideas and hew ways of seeing problems and challenges, and a catalyst for change that produces results.

My political observations have their root in my first career, five years of political work alternating between successful campaigns for the US Senate and House and two years on Capitol Hill covering defense and foreign policy for a member of the Senate.  I spent most of my adult life as a moderate Republican, a species that no longer exists.  So these days I am a man without a country and have a viewpoint that I hope is objective and, like my business perspective, oriented toward identifying real issues, underlying causes, and actually making things better.  My humorous observations hopefully will speak for themselves.  Funny stuff is all around us, and I think we are better off when we take time to notice and enjoy.

Comments and reactions are always welcome.  Please join the discussion!


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