Economists, Carts and Horses

In the two weeks since my last post, I’ve learned a couple of things.  Someone in Serbia likes my blog.  It's been viewed recently in the Netherlands and Bulgaria (I think it was Bulgaria - calling my Cyrillic rusty would be an insult to rust).  Also, someone  found me by searching Google for “surplus hip … Continue reading Economists, Carts and Horses

Random Thoughts – From Pleasure Centers to (Wannabe) Presidents

OK, I know I promised that I wouldn't post more than once a week.  I'm far too polite to say "Bite me."  I had these thoughts rattling around in my head, and they had to go somewhere. Harvard on pleasure centers Every week, I get an email newsletter called HBS Working Knowledge from my graduate … Continue reading Random Thoughts – From Pleasure Centers to (Wannabe) Presidents

What I Learned at a Harvard Dinner

Last Friday night, I attended the annual fundraising dinner for Chicago chapter of the Harvard Business School alumni club.  I came away with two election perspectives worth reporting. First, the sense of excitement and optimism over Barack Obama’s election was more or less the same in this crowd as it was in Grant Park on … Continue reading What I Learned at a Harvard Dinner