One More Time – And Other Stuff

One More Time I’m finding myself hugely aggravated by the Obamacare rollout.  Not because of the technological incompetence (see "Sibelius"), not because I think it's ill-intended, let alone evil (see “Cruz”), but because it doesn't address the economic reality of healthcare, which means that it can't and won't solve the problem it's supposed to solve.  … Continue reading One More Time – And Other Stuff

Healthcare Solved – Really!

I’ll get to healthcare in a minute, but before that, a couple of digressions, which by now you should expect from me: First, my daughter Julia, who graduated from high school in May (a year early, no less) is now on Day 5 of her Latin American adventure.  She will be in San Pedro Sula, … Continue reading Healthcare Solved – Really!

Let’s Make a Deal!

A few more snide remarks and hairy eyeballs under my belt, I’m going to take one more shot at this healthcare thing, after which I plan to go back to whining about air travel. If you are healthy today, there are precisely three things that can happen to you over, let’s say, the next 12 … Continue reading Let’s Make a Deal!

Gravity – Addendum

In the few days since I published my post about the inevitability of a single-payer healthcare system, I’ve gotten a few caustic comments from some of my more conservative friends, and the hairy eyeball from some others, all of whom seem to think that I’ve fallen off the liberal deep end.  I haven’t, at least … Continue reading Gravity – Addendum

That Gravity, She’s a Mean Little B%&*#!

A month or so ago, I had my appendix taken out.  It’s impossible for me to know how much the hospital and assorted doctors will actually be paid for this, but the face value of the bills for that little adventure came to $25,000.  That seems like a lot for what I actually experienced.  On … Continue reading That Gravity, She’s a Mean Little B%&*#!

Healthcare – Part Deux

The other day, my friend Scott McMillan posted a comment about the opening sentence of my (now ancient) last post.  He said, “I’d like you to comment on this statement: ‘It’s starting to look like we’re going to get some sort of healthcare reform.’” Well, Scott, here you go.  It’s often been said of the … Continue reading Healthcare – Part Deux

A Plague on Both Our Houses

OK, I’ll admit that I’m stumped on this one.  It’s starting to look like we’re actually going to get some sort of healthcare reform which, at least in general terms, I believe is a good idea.  If you think what we’re doing now is working, read the first paragraph of this article.   We spend more … Continue reading A Plague on Both Our Houses