Maytag Repairmen and Ponzi Schemes

Last week, I met my friend Jeff Bishop for early morning coffee at our local Starbucks.  Jeff has a remarkable talent for making other people feel better about, well, pretty much everything.  I’m tempted to say that he should bottle it and sell it.  However, while that would make him wealthy, it also would make him … Continue reading Maytag Repairmen and Ponzi Schemes

AIG: Who Knew? (Not the People Who Should)

If you haven’t been following the Daily Show vs. CNBC feud, it’s great entertainment.  If we could just find a way to add back to the Dow all the points Jon Stewart has been racking up, the recession would be over.  A year or so ago, Tom Friedman of the New York Times pointed out … Continue reading AIG: Who Knew? (Not the People Who Should)