Cliffhanger II – Did I Turn Into a Right Wingnut?

A handful of friends reacted to my last post by telling me they thought I'd taken a hard hook to the right.  I guess that would actually be a slice – unless you’re left-handed, which I am, but I don’t play that way.  Some thought it was great, others not so much.  In either case, … Continue reading Cliffhanger II – Did I Turn Into a Right Wingnut?

Cliffhanger – Part. . .(I Don’t Know, I Lost Count)

I'm back after a break, and I'm afraid I'm going political again.  I try very hard to be non-partisan here, to focus on facts, underlying causes and solutions that might actually work, to bash systems rather than people.  Today, I’m going to allow myself a partisan moment, although in this case I don't think it's … Continue reading Cliffhanger – Part. . .(I Don’t Know, I Lost Count)

Who Dealt This Mess?

This is my last pre-election post, and hopefully my last about politics for quite a while.  It's long and I apologize, but please bear with me. Almost everyone I know complains that our campaigns are conducted largely through negative, personally-oriented TV ads and that our elected officials pursue the agendas of some set of “special … Continue reading Who Dealt This Mess?

Choose Your Pet

A week or two ago, CNN published a column by Republican consultant and pundit Alex Castellanos in which he got the upcoming election right.  Obama, he said, squandered 20 years of New Democrat centrism and led like an Old Democrat.  He left it to Bill Clinton to remind America what a centrist Democrat looks like, … Continue reading Choose Your Pet

What I Learned at a Harvard Dinner

Last Friday night, I attended the annual fundraising dinner for Chicago chapter of the Harvard Business School alumni club.  I came away with two election perspectives worth reporting. First, the sense of excitement and optimism over Barack Obama’s election was more or less the same in this crowd as it was in Grant Park on … Continue reading What I Learned at a Harvard Dinner