An Example of What I Described in My Last Post

I'm breaking my promise to stop writing about politics, but I'll be very brief.  Please take a minute to read this story, which aired today on CBS Sunday Morning. Read story here! This is exactly what I was talking about in my last post.  A moderate Republican congressman proposes a budget that would "slash spending … Continue reading An Example of What I Described in My Last Post

Inconvenient Facts

A week ago, I promised (threatened?) to share a few inconvenient facts.  Here they are, and they’re all about taxes.  They were sent to me by my friend, wealth manager Kris Garlewicz.  (Note – this data is from 2009, which I guess is the most recent available.) Taxpayer             Share of                Share of                  Effective Income Segment           … Continue reading Inconvenient Facts

I of Newt, Smile of Mitt

Certain that I owe penance for something, somewhere, I recently watched an entire Republican Presidential debate.  This one was the Newt and Mitt show.  It was certainly less entertaining for the absence of Herman Cain, although you’ll never catch me saying that I privately relished the thought of watching today’s Republican Party have to choose … Continue reading I of Newt, Smile of Mitt