Putting that New iPad to Work

Sometime soon, I may have something serious to say about the Libor rate-fixing scandal.  First I have to see if I can figure out what actually happened.

Until then, here’s something for those of us who just can’t quite figure out how an iPad would make our lives better, even though we know tons of people who swear it would.  This 30-second video is in German.  What?  You don’t speak German?  Don’t worry about it.  It starts, I’m told, with “So, Papa, how do you like the new iPad we got you.”  That’s all you need to know.

Thanks to my friend Spencer Rice for sharing it with me.  I hope it brightened  your day like it did mine.

2 thoughts on “Putting that New iPad to Work

  1. I tried this myself but found it wasn’t really big enough to be a good chopping board so mostly am just using it as a big coaster under my teapot. Works fine for this although it can be hard to clean off the watermarks.

  2. I agree Steve. I think the plastic would be murder on your good knife blades. I didn’t know they were dishwasher proof though. That’s important.

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