One More Time – And Other Stuff

One More Time I’m finding myself hugely aggravated by the Obamacare rollout.  Not because of the technological incompetence (see "Sibelius"), not because I think it's ill-intended, let alone evil (see “Cruz”), but because it doesn't address the economic reality of healthcare, which means that it can't and won't solve the problem it's supposed to solve.  … Continue reading One More Time – And Other Stuff

Three Great Links and a Snack Cake

This week, I ache for the nation, as I’m sure many of you do.  I am contemplating a future in which my beloved country is not only feckless, but Twinkie-less.  How have we come to this?  Yet another good reason to use “feck” in a sentence. Ah, well.  In the past few days, I’ve seen … Continue reading Three Great Links and a Snack Cake

Healthcare Solved – Really!

I’ll get to healthcare in a minute, but before that, a couple of digressions, which by now you should expect from me: First, my daughter Julia, who graduated from high school in May (a year early, no less) is now on Day 5 of her Latin American adventure.  She will be in San Pedro Sula, … Continue reading Healthcare Solved – Really!

Sleeping Our Way to Lower Healthcare Costs

When I say sleeping, I actually mean sleeping. But first, a story: A few years ago, I spent some time working with a company that had attempted, with less success than they would have liked,  to turn around and operate failing public schools on a for-profit basis.  Leaving aside basic business model issues, neither they … Continue reading Sleeping Our Way to Lower Healthcare Costs

Goat, Where Art Thou?

I had the good fortune to attend a Cubs game last night, courtesy of a friend who has season tickets.   It’s been five years or so since I went to a Cubs game, and it was a perfect night for baseball (or for just about anything else) – temperature in the mid-70s, low humidity, clear … Continue reading Goat, Where Art Thou?