More Fun Photos

I came across these three images since my last post and thought they were worth sharing:

Dumbing down – revisited

It would be hard to dumb things down much further than this:


Could you explain that again, please?

I have my daughter, Julia, to thank for this one.  It has “Jay Leno” written all over it:


I think this means they’re paying ME to take the shoes!

I know they’re women’s shoes, but at this price how could I say no?


I think this last one deserves a caption.  Here are my top 3:

  1. I knew the economy was bad, but I didn’t know it was THIS bad!
  2. Yeah, but we’re makin’ it up on volume!
  3. US Schools’ Math Ranking Slips Again

Feel free to sign in and add one (or three) captions of your own.

3 thoughts on “More Fun Photos

  1. So I shared the photos with some fellows and we all laughed at the stupidity behind the signs. I also emailed it to my friend Sally. She had just one comment: “What’s the address of the shoe store?”

    We all have different priorities!

  2. Thanks! I’m glad your friends got a laugh from the pictures. I assume the shoe store put those signs up because they want people to know about them. So please tell your friend Sally that the store is on Jefferson between Washington and Main in downtown Naperville, and that she should knock herself out.

  3. Okay…these are priceless! I’m definitely passing these pictures on. How about another caption for the shoe store? “Free shoes and a 10% investment in your child’s college education”.

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