Fun Photos Are Back!

Time magazine is printed on pretty thin paper these days.  Thin enough that if you happen to read it with a little backlight, images from the back side of the page you’re reading show through.  The June 7 issue (Pope on the cover) included a photo of Kentucky senate candidate (also ex-ophthalmologist, libertarian scion, Tea Partyer and occasional inserter of  foot into mouth) Rand Paul walking past a picture window while talking on his cell phone.  Look below to see who’s staring out the window, keeping a watchful eye on our political landscape.

By the way, the same phenomenon in the same issue of Time produced an image of Benjamin Netanyahu with the Earth stuck to the tip of his nose.  I decided to let that one pass.

All I can say about the picture below is that my family may be dysfunctional, but we don’t hold a candle to these people.

I have great respect for the US Postal Service.  Really, I do.  Even when they don’t make it easy.

That’s all for today.  There are more. . .

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