2010 In Pictures

Here are a few of my favorite (previously unpublished) pictures from the past year:

I don’t know these people, but as a guy who hates to hang Christmas lights, I love them.

Here’s the house to their left (The Joneses, I hope).

It’s been a tough couple of years in retailing, but I don’t think it was tougher on anyone than it was on these guys.

Perhaps things would have gone better for these guys if they’d been psychics instead of hair removers.

There’s a wine and cheese shop in Tillamook, Oregon, whose sign used to read, “Wine Tasting.  Kids Welcome.”  The “Kids” part undoubtedly referred to the petting zoo out back, but the sign spoke for itself.  Sadly, it’s gone now, but it’s spirit lives on at this place, which gives new meaning to the concept of family dining.  (The signs in the windows are hard to make out, but as you might guess, they’re invitations from the Adams and Miller families.)

A few months ago, I groused about the Canada Geese that overrun our open spaces instead of Canada’s.  Here’s a mild day on our local golf course (about as light a day as we have goose-wise, but the only day I managed to take a picture).

Of course, golf is life, so we also get humbling moments like this (what you can see here is bad enough; what you can’t see is that the tree is directly between the ball and the pin, but 179 yards closer – and if you can’t find my ball, you and I have a lot in common) . . .

. . .and moments like this which fill me, anyway, with wonder and awe.

I wish you a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous 2011.

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