Like (Killing Two Birds With) A Rolling Stone

Let it never be said that I’m above taking a cheap shot.  (Note to readers:  It’s not like people are lining up to claim that I’m above taking a cheap shot.  However, the list of things I’m not above includes the self-aggrandizement involved in suggesting that people might line up to claim that I’m above taking a cheap shot.)

That said, I think I’ve solved two of America’s most compelling problems.

I was just listening to a radio retrospective on the career of Bob Dylan, who will turn 70 in a month or two.  His music career mostly behind him, he needs something respectable to do in this later stage of his life.

Meanwhile, Aflac is searching for a new voice for their spokesduck.  After their recent experience with Gilbert Gottfried, I’m sure they’d love to have someone with a social conscience.  (Cheap shot #2 – while typing this I accidentally transposed two letters in Gilbert’s last name and it came out Gottfired.  Really.  Remember my rule – I don’t make this stuff up.)

Dylan-Aflac.  A perfect fit?  I think so.  And if not, this worth it just for the opportunity to write something that includes the word “spokesduck.”  I’m not above that, either.

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