Short, Sweet and True

Watching the news over the past two weeks, I’ve been reminded of a conversation I had 31 years ago (so long that it makes me wish I could claim that I was 12 at the time).

I was managing a(n ultimately successful) campaign for a seat in Congress.  One day, I rang up a friend and political consultant whose services I couldn’t afford, but who had kindly invited me to call him when (not if) the crisis occurred.  It turned out to be a crisis of conscience.

Consistent with my pledge that I never make this stuff up because life is much funnier than I am, the conversation went like this:

Political Consultant:  “What’s going on?”

Me:  “I, um, um, I, I don’t know, I, um. . .”

PC: “I know.  You’ve become concerned that your candidate may not be intelligent enough to be a member of The United States House of Representatives.”

Me:  “Yes <sigh> . That’s exactly what’s going on.”

PC:  “Well, let me put your mind at ease. I know many members of The United States House of Representatives, and he is.”

The more things change. . .?  I’m not sure they change at all.  They certainly seem to stay the same.

4 thoughts on “Short, Sweet and True

  1. Yikes! Confirmation of all that I feared. It’s not an act. They really are as stupid, self centered, and incompetent as they seem. I was hoping it was all a front and behind the scenes they actually knew what they were doing and I was just too dumb to understand it.

  2. Dan, I just posted a comment again – and it blew up again as I tried to attach a picture. All the rest of the fields were filled in. If you find it, feel free to post it. If not, I’ll try again another day with another post.



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    1. Oh, the irony, Jack. You have successfully posted a comment about your unsuccessful attempts to post comments. Gotta love it.

      Sounds like the problem may have been trying to include an image? I have no idea whether WordPress allows images in comments. We’ll get the kinks out of this Internet thing one of these days. Meanwhile, thanks for trying.

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