Shell Game – Brilliant, Probably Unintentional

Like much of America, I anxiously awaited the results of the Mueller investigation with some hope that it would find evidence that Trump cooperated with or enlisted the assistance of Russia in order to gain the presidency.  I had that hope because I’m in favor of anything legal that gets him out of office. Just … Continue reading Shell Game – Brilliant, Probably Unintentional

Chickens Crossing Roads

Years ago, I received a humorous email containing made-up answers to the classic question, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” My favorite was attributed to FBI Agent Fox Mulder of the X-Files: “You saw the chicken cross the road with your own eyes!  How many more chickens have to cross the road before you … Continue reading Chickens Crossing Roads

The Most Non-Partisan Thing You Can Do

A friend of mine keeps sending me emails staking out his strongly-held conservative positions, attacking and ridiculing liberals and Democrats.  I feel very sad about this, but not because I think he’s necessarily wrong.   Like any of us, sometimes he is, sometimes he isn’t.  I’m sad because it’s like watching someone trying to hit an … Continue reading The Most Non-Partisan Thing You Can Do

Ducks, Spades and Psychopaths. And a Little Anonymity to Boot.

When my clients are trying to solve a problem, one of the things I lean on them to do is get really clear what the actual problem is.  Part of that is learning to use clear, unambiguous language.  To call a spade a spade.  To stop talking about “Centers of Influence” because that’s fuzzy.  What … Continue reading Ducks, Spades and Psychopaths. And a Little Anonymity to Boot.

Second Chances – Part II

In response to my post a few days ago about the general misunderstanding of Second Amendment, I was steered to this CNN story, that simply presents the text exchange between two sisters, one of whom was trapped in the high school. Please take a moment to read it.  If it doesn’t move you to … Continue reading Second Chances – Part II

Second Chances

I’m a little tired of this.  I’m guessing you are, too. We’re living in very strange times.  I’ll have more to say about that – from a big picture perspective – soon.  But for now, let’s stay focused. There have been eight school shootings so far in 2018.  Taking out weekends, when they don’t happen, … Continue reading Second Chances

Confronting a Would-Be Tyrant

Years ago, I heard Mel Brooks being interviewed.  He was asked how he, in general but especially as a Jew, justified wrapping The Producers around a faux-musical called Springtime for Hitler. His answer stuck with me.  As best I recall, he said that one of the best ways to deal with  would-be tyrants is to … Continue reading Confronting a Would-Be Tyrant

Trumped Up!

There's an old saying in bridge: "Get your trump out early."  Apparently, the Republican Party is not populated by bridge players. In the eight years since I started writing this blog, I’ve tried to find ways to explain the underlying reality or root cause of various issues, often political in nature.  In that time, I have … Continue reading Trumped Up!