Just Plain Not Smart Enough

Political commentary coming shortly, but first, here are two recent conversations, one that I overheard and one that I was part of. Overheard: The other day, in my neighborhood Walgreen’s, I saw a skinny young man who was wearing pants that defied gravity and an oversized baseball cap that was overwhelmed by it. I thought he … Continue reading Just Plain Not Smart Enough

One More Time – And Other Stuff

One More Time I’m finding myself hugely aggravated by the Obamacare rollout.  Not because of the technological incompetence (see "Sibelius"), not because I think it's ill-intended, let alone evil (see “Cruz”), but because it doesn't address the economic reality of healthcare, which means that it can't and won't solve the problem it's supposed to solve.  … Continue reading One More Time – And Other Stuff

Suppose We Gave a Tea Party and Nobody Came

I’ve been away for a while.  I hoped that when I returned I would have something funny and non-political to rant about.  Alas.  And this has the makings of a long one. I’ve had very little direct interaction with the Tea Party.  I have one friend who’s a member.  He’s a great guy, very smart … Continue reading Suppose We Gave a Tea Party and Nobody Came

Cliffhanger II – Did I Turn Into a Right Wingnut?

A handful of friends reacted to my last post by telling me they thought I'd taken a hard hook to the right.  I guess that would actually be a slice – unless you’re left-handed, which I am, but I don’t play that way.  Some thought it was great, others not so much.  In either case, … Continue reading Cliffhanger II – Did I Turn Into a Right Wingnut?

Cliffhanger – Part. . .(I Don’t Know, I Lost Count)

I'm back after a break, and I'm afraid I'm going political again.  I try very hard to be non-partisan here, to focus on facts, underlying causes and solutions that might actually work, to bash systems rather than people.  Today, I’m going to allow myself a partisan moment, although in this case I don't think it's … Continue reading Cliffhanger – Part. . .(I Don’t Know, I Lost Count)

Three Great Links and a Snack Cake

This week, I ache for the nation, as I’m sure many of you do.  I am contemplating a future in which my beloved country is not only feckless, but Twinkie-less.  How have we come to this?  Yet another good reason to use “feck” in a sentence. Ah, well.  In the past few days, I’ve seen … Continue reading Three Great Links and a Snack Cake

Meet The New Boss

God help me, I swore I wasn't going to do this, but I just can't help myself.  At least this time I'll be brief. We've just come off four years of bitter partisan wrangling that resulted in nothing except the passage of health care reform that was well-intentioned and will be a disaster.  Congress' performance … Continue reading Meet The New Boss

An Example of What I Described in My Last Post

I'm breaking my promise to stop writing about politics, but I'll be very brief.  Please take a minute to read this story, which aired today on CBS Sunday Morning. Read story here! This is exactly what I was talking about in my last post.  A moderate Republican congressman proposes a budget that would "slash spending … Continue reading An Example of What I Described in My Last Post

Who Dealt This Mess?

This is my last pre-election post, and hopefully my last about politics for quite a while.  It's long and I apologize, but please bear with me. Almost everyone I know complains that our campaigns are conducted largely through negative, personally-oriented TV ads and that our elected officials pursue the agendas of some set of “special … Continue reading Who Dealt This Mess?