Start Your Year With A Smile

This is now the fourth consecutive year for this photo missive.  One of the benefits of it becoming a habit is that I’m starting to get photos from friends and family, for which I'm truly grateful.  Takes some of the pressure off.  I'm also grateful for the good fortune of a great scene that presented … Continue reading Start Your Year With A Smile

Fifty Years On

Like all Americans my age and older, I remember where I was in November 1963.  I was five years old, living in Arlington, Virginia (in a house my family called the White House because it was. . .well. . .white), attending first grade at a little Lutheran school that my parents sent me to because … Continue reading Fifty Years On

One More Time – And Other Stuff

One More Time I’m finding myself hugely aggravated by the Obamacare rollout.  Not because of the technological incompetence (see "Sibelius"), not because I think it's ill-intended, let alone evil (see “Cruz”), but because it doesn't address the economic reality of healthcare, which means that it can't and won't solve the problem it's supposed to solve.  … Continue reading One More Time – And Other Stuff

Suppose We Gave a Tea Party and Nobody Came

I’ve been away for a while.  I hoped that when I returned I would have something funny and non-political to rant about.  Alas.  And this has the makings of a long one. I’ve had very little direct interaction with the Tea Party.  I have one friend who’s a member.  He’s a great guy, very smart … Continue reading Suppose We Gave a Tea Party and Nobody Came

More Guns. And Witches.

Gun control (I refuse to use the politically expedient phrase “gun violence” – we should call a spade a spade) has been much in the news lately.  One branch of the story is that gun sales rose dramatically - by 200-300% - after the Sandy Hook massacre.  I would have expected people to recoil in … Continue reading More Guns. And Witches.

Cliffhanger II – Did I Turn Into a Right Wingnut?

A handful of friends reacted to my last post by telling me they thought I'd taken a hard hook to the right.  I guess that would actually be a slice – unless you’re left-handed, which I am, but I don’t play that way.  Some thought it was great, others not so much.  In either case, … Continue reading Cliffhanger II – Did I Turn Into a Right Wingnut?

Cliffhanger – Part. . .(I Don’t Know, I Lost Count)

I'm back after a break, and I'm afraid I'm going political again.  I try very hard to be non-partisan here, to focus on facts, underlying causes and solutions that might actually work, to bash systems rather than people.  Today, I’m going to allow myself a partisan moment, although in this case I don't think it's … Continue reading Cliffhanger – Part. . .(I Don’t Know, I Lost Count)