Cliffhanger II – Did I Turn Into a Right Wingnut?

A handful of friends reacted to my last post by telling me they thought I'd taken a hard hook to the right.  I guess that would actually be a slice – unless you’re left-handed, which I am, but I don’t play that way.  Some thought it was great, others not so much.  In either case, … Continue reading Cliffhanger II – Did I Turn Into a Right Wingnut?

Cliffhanger – Part. . .(I Don’t Know, I Lost Count)

I'm back after a break, and I'm afraid I'm going political again.  I try very hard to be non-partisan here, to focus on facts, underlying causes and solutions that might actually work, to bash systems rather than people.  Today, I’m going to allow myself a partisan moment, although in this case I don't think it's … Continue reading Cliffhanger – Part. . .(I Don’t Know, I Lost Count)


A week ago, I described hearing an economist put the cart before the horse.  I happened to see his name in yesterday’s newspaper, right next to the phrase “Nobel Prize winner.”  Oops. Undeterred, however, I’d like to describe another case of an economist getting it, if not backward, then at least sideways. A few weeks … Continue reading Disingenuous

Economists, Carts and Horses

In the two weeks since my last post, I’ve learned a couple of things.  Someone in Serbia likes my blog.  It's been viewed recently in the Netherlands and Bulgaria (I think it was Bulgaria - calling my Cyrillic rusty would be an insult to rust).  Also, someone  found me by searching Google for “surplus hip … Continue reading Economists, Carts and Horses

Healthcare Solved – Really!

I’ll get to healthcare in a minute, but before that, a couple of digressions, which by now you should expect from me: First, my daughter Julia, who graduated from high school in May (a year early, no less) is now on Day 5 of her Latin American adventure.  She will be in San Pedro Sula, … Continue reading Healthcare Solved – Really!

Libor 2 – What Should Actually Scare You

Two posts in one week – not my normal style.  I promise not to inflict this on you again. After my post on Libor the other day, my friend Bill eloquently busted my chops.  If you haven’t read his comment, you should.  He made an eloquent case that the ends never justify the means, and … Continue reading Libor 2 – What Should Actually Scare You