Three Great Links and a Snack Cake

This week, I ache for the nation, as I’m sure many of you do.  I am contemplating a future in which my beloved country is not only feckless, but Twinkie-less.  How have we come to this?  Yet another good reason to use “feck” in a sentence. Ah, well.  In the past few days, I’ve seen … Continue reading Three Great Links and a Snack Cake

Would My Healthcare Solution Work (and Other Bits of Unfairness)

In the two weeks or so since I proposed a simple, comprehensive fix to the healthcare mess (see previous post), I’ve been given three reasons why it wouldn’t work. It’s politically implausible, either because it involves too much common sense or because it would gore the ox of a large, well-entrenched industry. I’ve lived inside … Continue reading Would My Healthcare Solution Work (and Other Bits of Unfairness)

2.5 More Random Thoughts

OK, I’m not even going to try to apologize for the short interval between my last post and this one.  A few quick thoughts, one that I should have included in my last post, one that’s an update on an item mentioned there, and one that’s new. Should have mentioned last time: One of the … Continue reading 2.5 More Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts – From Pleasure Centers to (Wannabe) Presidents

OK, I know I promised that I wouldn't post more than once a week.  I'm far too polite to say "Bite me."  I had these thoughts rattling around in my head, and they had to go somewhere. Harvard on pleasure centers Every week, I get an email newsletter called HBS Working Knowledge from my graduate … Continue reading Random Thoughts – From Pleasure Centers to (Wannabe) Presidents

Putting that New iPad to Work

Sometime soon, I may have something serious to say about the Libor rate-fixing scandal.  First I have to see if I can figure out what actually happened. Until then, here's something for those of us who just can't quite figure out how an iPad would make our lives better, even though we know tons of … Continue reading Putting that New iPad to Work

Goat, Where Art Thou?

I had the good fortune to attend a Cubs game last night, courtesy of a friend who has season tickets.   It’s been five years or so since I went to a Cubs game, and it was a perfect night for baseball (or for just about anything else) – temperature in the mid-70s, low humidity, clear … Continue reading Goat, Where Art Thou?

There’s A Politically Correct Dog In Here Somewhere

OK, so, I got stuck in the shower again Sunday with Smiley and West.  It turns out that if you’re African-American, you should hate private equity.  Who knew?  And knowing something - anything - about private equity apparently is not a prerequisite.  (If you’re a new reader and you’re wondering why I was stuck in … Continue reading There’s A Politically Correct Dog In Here Somewhere

Long Showers and Racist Rants

I have a radio in my bathroom.  It's tuned to NPR, which I generally find informative and reasonably balanced.  I listen to it while taking showers that I can best describe as environmentally unfriendly in their duration.  You now know far more about me than you ever wanted to, but it’s important for context. Last … Continue reading Long Showers and Racist Rants