Confronting a Would-Be Tyrant

Years ago, I heard Mel Brooks being interviewed.  He was asked how he, in general but especially as a Jew, justified wrapping The Producers around a faux-musical called Springtime for Hitler. His answer stuck with me.  As best I recall, he said that one of the best ways to deal with  would-be tyrants is to … Continue reading Confronting a Would-Be Tyrant

Start Your Year with a Smile – 2017 Edition

Here it is - Year 7 of the photo blog.  This year, I had 94 pictures to choose from, including a few that were sent by friends and (gasp) family.  I decided to keep it clean – strictly PG. Except, of course, for when I didn't. Which means that the hardest part of this job … Continue reading Start Your Year with a Smile – 2017 Edition

Trumped Up!

There's an old saying in bridge: "Get your trump out early."  Apparently, the Republican Party is not populated by bridge players. In the eight years since I started writing this blog, I’ve tried to find ways to explain the underlying reality or root cause of various issues, often political in nature.  In that time, I have … Continue reading Trumped Up!

Start Your Year With a Smile – 2016 Edition

It’s Year 6 of the photo blog and we're going to dive right in.  This is my annual look-back at the year just ended.  What follows are the best pictures or screen captures I took (and in a few cases, that friends sent me) from all of 2015.  In one way or another, they are … Continue reading Start Your Year With a Smile – 2016 Edition

Just Plain Not Smart Enough

Political commentary coming shortly, but first, here are two recent conversations, one that I overheard and one that I was part of. Overheard: The other day, in my neighborhood Walgreen’s, I saw a skinny young man who was wearing pants that defied gravity and an oversized baseball cap that was overwhelmed by it. I thought he … Continue reading Just Plain Not Smart Enough

Start Your Year With A Smile – 2014 Edition

Welcome to Year 5 of my annual photo review. Once again, I went into the year afraid that I'd get nothing and once again I got lots. Once again, I had help from friends and family.  And once again there's the silly, the absurd, and the in-the-kind-of-bad-taste-that-appeals-mostly-to-inner-13-year-olds-like-me.  Don't say I didn't warn you. This year instead of themes, … Continue reading Start Your Year With A Smile – 2014 Edition

My Neighborhood Has a Moose! Does Yours?

  I usually pay attention to things with more redeeming social importance than this.  Except when I don't.  Which is often.  Including now. . . Yesterday and again today, I've been busy getting ready for a week of business travel.  Lots of desk time catching up, cleaning up and prepping.  And a curious distraction. There's … Continue reading My Neighborhood Has a Moose! Does Yours?